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30% OFF SITEWIDE until 29th April. Just use code SUPER30 and go out in a blaze of glory! Because you CAN!

Superheroes became a part of our global identity claiming every aspect of everyday life. Quite rightfully! They reignited the interests in comic books, found its way to silver screens, and are passing the torch of their heroic deeds to people.

Now is a time unlike any other to add fuel to that flame. This weekend we’re celebrating National Superhero Day and we’re spitting extra fire announcing SUPER SALE! Get these extra 30% to express your true/hidden self! Buy now!

Your walls need a secret identity, too.

Don’t alienate yourself – celebrate Earth Day

Earth. Third planet from the Sun. A place where fresh air should be a common, not a commodity. Fortunately, we have you.

Today we’re celebrating Earth Day. This year we want to give an outer space visitors a reason to actually visit us and get jealous of our air (because let’s be real – where can you actually breathe a perfect mix of oxygen and co. than on Earth? Jupiter? Uranus? You got the point).

This year we decided to plant 3 times more trees for each Displate purchased on April, 22nd. Our goal is to contribute to making the world a greener, better place and leave a positive footprint of our mutual existence.

So don’t alienate yourself – celebrate Earth Day and help us #treeple our efforts to stay green with every Displate purchased! We have already planted almost 4 million trees with Trees for the Future. Because we care.

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Amazon Music Unlimited

Che cosa è Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited è un servizio di musica digitale che ti consente di accedere a più di 50 milioni di brani, playlist e radio create da esperti di Amazon Music. Con Amazon Music Unlimited puoi ascoltare ovunque e in qualsiasi momento su tutti i tuoi dispositivi preferiti: smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac e Fire, il tutto senza pubblicità. Grazie alla modalità offline puoi scaricare la tua musica preferita ed ascoltarla senza connessione ovunque tu sia. Amazon Music Unlimited impara a conoscerti, riceverai suggerimenti personalizzati in base alla musica che ascolti. Read more

Don’t forget to fly

Fregoli, non dimenticarti mai di volare.
In fondo a te piace volare.

Non scordarti mai e vivila sempre ogni giorno, quella sensazione di leggerezza quando spicchi salti dalle panchine, o quando uno scambio di una canzone ascoltato in cuffia ti trasporta sul palcoscenico, chiudendo gli occhi e abbracciando la fantasia, senza mai curarti di offrire un freaky-show agli occhi di chi non comprenderà mai.
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