Don’t alienate yourself – celebrate Earth Day

Don’t alienate yourself – celebrate Earth Day

Earth. Third planet from the Sun. A place where fresh air should be a common, not a commodity. Fortunately, we have you.

Today we’re celebrating Earth Day. This year we want to give an outer space visitors a reason to actually visit us and get jealous of our air (because let’s be real – where can you actually breathe a perfect mix of oxygen and co. than on Earth? Jupiter? Uranus? You got the point).

This year we decided to plant 3 times more trees for each Displate purchased on April, 22nd. Our goal is to contribute to making the world a greener, better place and leave a positive footprint of our mutual existence.

So don’t alienate yourself – celebrate Earth Day and help us #treeple our efforts to stay green with every Displate purchased! We have already planted almost 4 million trees with Trees for the Future. Because we care.

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